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Webtipps für den 08.08.2007

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Milch macht Muskeln

Part of an ongoing study into the impact of drinking milk after heavy weightlifting has found that milk helps exercisers burn more fat.
Upon the study’s conclusion, researchers found that the milk drinking group had lost nearly twice as much fat – two pounds – while the carbohydrate beverage group lost one pound of fat. Those drinking soy lost no fat. At the same time, the gain in muscle was much greater among the milk drinkers than either the soy or carbohydrate beverage study participants.

Quelle: To gain muscle and lose fat, drink milk: study –

Vor dem Hintergrund erscheint der Spruch "Quark macht stark!" in einem neuen Licht.

Freies Physikbuch

Über einen Artikel bei heise open bin ich auf dieses geniale Projekt aufmerksam geworden, das sich selbst mit folgenden Worten beschreibt:

This site provides a free physics textbook […]. The book is written for the curious: it is entertaining, surprising and challenging on every page. With little mathematics, starting from observations of everyday life, the text explores the most fascinating parts of mechanics, thermodynamics, special and general relativity, electrodynamics, quantum theory and modern attempts at unification.

Quelle: Motion Mountain – The Adventure of Physics : The Free Physics Textbook

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